Bubbah Started to Melt

As parker started her day off in the snow, she built a snowman. The snowmans name was Bubbah. As she finished Bubbah, her daddy called for her to come inside for some warm milk. After finishing her milk she asked her daddy to come look at the snowman she built. The weather started to warm and Bubbah got a little soggie.

~Body: Toddleedoo babygirl by Toddleedoo with #Sky head

~Shape: Hattie by {.:Dollface:.}

~Skin:(Enfer Sombre*) Omega Skin Applier – Amber tone – Rini by (Enfer Sombre*) 

~Eyes: LOTUS Realism Eyes (gacha)

~Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Bad girls [Pigtails] – B+W

*bow not included, they’re seperate attachment*

~Outfit: < SP > BE Christmas Sweater for TD & BEBE by  < Sweet Potatoes > at Boutique Explorers Event.                                                (Only the sweater!)


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