Cuddles Time

After adventuring everywhere I got a little tired so I decided to wedge between some my friends and cuddles 😀 The best part is that I get to wear my bestie outfit while I’m cuddling, giggles.

~Head: Bebe by Bad Seed

~Body: Toddleedoo baby by Cute Bytes

~skin: Peach  (in the Bebe HUD)

~Tattoo Applier: Doll’s Blush (in the Bebe HUD)

~Eyes: Blue (Come in the Bebe HUD)

~Hair: Trixie (LightBlonde 01 with the Browns1 streak)  by Truth

~Butterfly is a Gacha (Nosey Bugs Butterfly) by 8bit

~Bear: Big Hug Magic Bear by <:*Boogers*:>

~Outfit: Besties Pink RARE by Glitter Junkie

(You can get this outfit which comes in pink and purple plus you can get other really cute socks at the PlayRoom Gacha)

~This pose is just a normal sitting pose 🙂

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