Adventure Time Come Play

I was asking mommy hey what should we do today and then I realized that I really wanted to go out and about through our little garden..This is where I turned into a cute version of a watermelon and began to explore.

~Head: Bebe by Bad Seed

~Body: Toddleedoo baby by Cute Bytes

~skin: Cinnamon (in the Bebe HUD)

~Tattoo Applier: Doll’s Blush (in the Bebe HUD)

~Hair: Seraphina by Truth

~Outfit: Watermelon by Glitter Junkie

Mommy’s Little Unicorn!

I was roaming around my room and found my toy duckie…. we both gots a little hungry so I founds a fork and got us some cookies out of the cookie jar ^-^.

~Body: Baby Girl by Cute bytes

~Head: Bebe by Bad Seed

~Skin: Peach (In Bebe HUD)

~Tattoo Applier: Doll Blush (In Bebe HUD)

~Hair: Juliette by Truth

~Outfit: Be a unicorn by Glitter Junkie

~Pose/Prop: Duckling (come with the duckie also) by Petite Bowtique

~Prop: Cookie Fork by TTT

~Room set: Nisaa Baby